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Dating with an allergy

Top Tips For Dating

  1. Tell your date about your food allergy up front.
  2. Find a way to ask your date to try to avoid eating foods you are allergic to for at least 4 hours before your date.
  3. If your date makes you feel uncomfortable – LEAVE. They’re not worth it.
"Tell your date about your food allergy."

Dating is fun and an important part of life. Having said that, how do you casually mention your food allergy to a potential partner?

It’s important to be up front about your food allergy early in the relationship. If your date doesn’t take it seriously, it’s better to know this before you get too involved with them.


“In some ways, it [talking about my food allergy] was actually kind of a good icebreaker, because it was an interesting way to make my intentions or what I hoped would be the intent of the date clear, and if that’s not what they were up for [kissing] then it didn’t have to lead to an awkward moment.”


You may already know that kissing a person that has eaten a food you are allergic to can result in an allergic reaction. If not – have a read about the Kissing Study conducted in 2006.

In an adult relationship, the intimacy level deepens and you need to begin to think about finding the right contraception.

Condoms are generally made from latex, so people with latex allergy will need to purchase non-latex condoms which are becoming increasingly more available.

Condoms also may contain milk, as milk proteins are used to soften the latex during production. While it is unlikely that using condoms with milk traces will cause anaphylaxis, there have been reports of soreness and itchy skin in those with cow’s milk allergy.

It can difficult to know which brands of condoms do not contain milk, so it’s best to contact the manufacturers and ask about their production process.

Vegan condoms are also available.

"Tell your date about your food allergy."
Content updated May 2024