A resource for young adults living with severe allergy

About 250k

In response to the findings from an Australian online survey and focus group sessions of 11-25 year olds, the 250K website was developed by the National Allergy Strategy for the estimated 250,000 Australian teens and young adults who live with severe allergies. The National Allergy Strategy is a partnership between the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) and Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia, Australia’s peak medical body and national patient support organisation.

250K – A hub for the 250,000 young Australians living with severe allergies’ – aims to provide age-appropriate information and resources to assist young people who are living with severe allergies. The website also aims to help them to feel more connected with other teens and young adults going through similar experiences in a fun but informative way.

Increasing awareness around allergy management is vitally important, particularly amongst young people in their teens up to early twenties, when people may be reluctant to share information about their severe allergy and may not be as vigilant about avoiding allergens or carrying their adrenaline autoinjector. The 250K website provides teens and young adults with the information that they’ve asked for, to help enable them to live safely and independently.

The 250K website is designed to engage, interest and inform, and has a fun and cutting-edge look and feel, which was designed by young people for young people.

Content updated August 2022